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Multidisciplinary Artist | Ngulungburra Butchulla

Ngulungburra Songman | Garrwa Tribe Mambaliya Clan

Yirinda Self Titled Album - Out Now!


"A cinematic debut record from a Brisbane duo: Butchulla songman Fred Leone, who conveys vast emotional terrain in native language, atop Samuel Pankhurst’s winding, quivering strings."  Guardian Australia
Meanjin/Brisbane based group
Yirinda release their long awaited and ground-breaking self-titled debut album - now available on vinyl and all digital platforms HERE, via Chapter Music internationally.

This collaboration between
Fred Leone and Samuel Pankhurst - combines ancient Aboriginal language with sublime modern production.

Check out the VIDEO to NYUN (Brother)

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Fred Leone performs Yirimi Gundir live at the
AFL Dreamtime at the ‘G match



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First Edition pressing limited to 250 copies only!

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The debut single by Fred Leone breaks new ground for Indigenous music both in Australia and worldwide.


This story began over 65,000 years ago, with the world’s oldest living culture, the Australian First Nations people, spreading their knowledge and their lessons through a combination of song and dance.


Fast forward to the 21st century and Fred Leone (Butchulla Songman) is bringing traditional knowledge to the forefront of contemporary Australian culture. Yirimi Gundir, written by Fred and sung in Butchulla, is his first solo single and has been remixed by his friend and musical accomplice, trials. 


Yirimi Gundir, tells the story, through song and movement, of three animals a young person will see before they are old enough to go into the bush by themselves to hunt. There are three animals mentioned in this song cycle; Guruman – Kangaroo, Budjar – Eagle, and Ngurunj – Emu. 


trials’s production masterpiece takes Fred’s powerhouse vocals, his sound effects, his Bargans (boomerangs) and incorporates them as rhythmic elements in the track. The kick drum remixes a kangaroo skin, to a modern specification, the fire stick and leaves, originally elements of Fred’s traditional sound palette – remixed by trials become a new entity altogether.


Releasing both the original traditional version, and the remix at the same time is a statement; that you cannot truly understand the present without acknowledging the past. Only by listening to both tracks will you understand the trajectory of this piece.


Fred says “To bring the song into the contemporary world I have structured it like a western song. This makes it accessible to a wider audience, as traditional songs, song cycles and even Songlines contain rhythms unfamiliar to modern ears - particularly for Non-First Nations people.”

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Fred Leone on ABC Days Like This

Broadcast Wed 16 Nove 2022 at 1:00am

'A Deadset Sick Warrior – Fred Leone’s family story about a king, escape and connection to country'

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